Yoga for Toddlers 10 months to 3 years

I have no yoga experience, Can I do Tot Yoga?

Yes, TOT YOGA was designed to benefit every level of experience. In fact, all the parents in the video have little or no yoga experience, and this video was shot live with the participants following the routine for the first time, specifically to ensure that it is easy to follow for beginners. The more you practice the more strength and flexibility you can achieve through this low impact relaxing routine, allowing the program to grow with you as you progress without changing the routine.

One of the main goals of TOT YOGA was to showcase real parents and real children doing the routines and interacting with each other and the instructor. This video contains no professional actors.

The children are all under the age of 3 years old.

There are mothers and fathers represented.

This video can be used in its entirety, it can be used in sections, and it can be used when your children grow up. It is a fabulous foundation for your child’s early physical development. And, it is a great way to reduce stress in a household containing a child entering the infamous “Terrible Two’s”.


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