Yoga for Toddlers 10 months to 3 years

TOT YOGA Press Release

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Parents and Tots are Bending Over Backwards for Tot Yoga
New DVD Offers Yoga Practices for Toddlers and Their Parents,
TOT YOGA Fills a Void in the Marketplace

New York, NY – Since necessity is the mother of invention, it makes sense that when a busy, stressed, yoga-loving mother was unable to find a high-quality yoga video to practice with her two-year-old, she would develop one to share with other parents and toddlers. The result, TOT YOGA, is a fun, instructive video for parents of toddlers and pre-schoolers from 10 months to 3 years old.

This wonderful new video encourages safe, nurturing physical activity and features two sections that teach parents how to utilize playtime as a wind down for their child to encourage peaceful napping. The third section is for parents to do while their child is resting, and involves more challenging poses,strengthening exercises and stretches.

“When looking for a yoga video that I could do at home with my young daughter, all of the DVDs were targeting either moms and their babies or older kids, who could more easily follow directions. There was nothing for parents to practice with their toddlers, so the new TOT YOGA video fills that void,” said Havona Madama, who just released the new DVD.

“The toddler years are an extremely stressful time for both children and their parents. The kids really want to do things that they aren’t emotionally or physically ready to do, which is frustrating for them. So they yell or throw tantrums, which is difficult for the parents,” Madama continued. “This new video provides much-needed stress relief by redirecting the toddler’s energy and helping parents fit exercise back into their busy schedules. It also offers important bonding time for parents and children.”

There are many benefits to yoga, including:

Reducing stress
Promoting better sleep
Increasing confidence
Improving concentration
Developing a healthy body

“As the parent of a busy, active toddler, I know how difficult it can be to get to a parent/child yoga class. There are some days when it’s just too stressful to pack a diaper bag, get my daughter out the door and rush to try to make it to class on time. I’m sure other parents will appreciate the option of practicing yoga at home, knowing they’re getting all of the benefits without any stress or complicated logistics,” Madama explained.

TOT YOGA is the innovation of Khadi Madama, a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and an IAYT registered Yoga Therapist who is a pioneer in the field of applied therapeutic yoga, and hosted the television show, Yours Truly Yoga.

Khadi’s goal with TOT YOGA was to create a fun, interactive program that provides a wind down period for a child while simultaneously warming up a parent, and reducing the stress of both the parent and child. Parents are encouraged to continue the video for a complete workout and relaxation session while their child naps. The parent and child can then both emerge from “nap time” refreshed and ready to conquer the rest of the day harmoniously.

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  Marmee Cosico-NY Healthy Living Examiner wrote @

This is a great healthy way how to deal with our toddlers,which is the time for them to explore the world. Toddler years is full of hyperactivity which creates a lot of stress to the mothers and I believed that yoga is the answer to create a more relaxing environment!I highly recommend this video to all the mothers out there so they can better deal with their kids on this developmental phase in their lives.Let us make motherhood a wonderful journey.

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